Management Services

Management Services

Eden Property Solutions, LLC. (EPS) offers management services that are customized to meet each client’s needs. As an agent for the owner, we provide services to ensure that all of the owner’s interests are represented.  We will ensure that your property is maintained and that the value of the asset is protected.

We have extensive experience in building systems and operations and is capable of responding to the requirements at your properties.

Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Management

Our technicians are widely experienced in evaluating, designing and implementing Preventive Maintenance (PM) Programs.  These include many types of equipment, from boilers, chillers, manufacturing tools, clean rooms and data systems.  Effective PM programs are the result of well-organized, carefully executed effort.  Well Designed PM results in:

The goal of our Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program is to establish the required standards for the routine inspection.  As well as, having skilled technicians trained in proper methods of repairing building systems and equipment.  Our goal is to achieve zero downtime for each building component and to minimize the number of service calls or complaints. Discovery of non-routine maintenance problems, before they impact our customer, is a top priority of EPS’ overall maintenance strategy.

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