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Home Maintenance tasks can be a real drag…

After a long day at work, who wants to go home to more work?  Not having enough time in the day and too many home maintenance tasks can be a real drag. Oh, the tasks –  Removing mirror from bathroom wall, installing that new light fixture, fixing the rotten trim on the side of the house, kitchen cabinet redo, hang pictures, or other punch list items, our crew has you covered. These are all items we can do while you’re at work!  Eden Property Solutions offers a service specializing in minor list repairs. Say goodbye to all that stress and relax.

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Our team has hands-on experience with common jobs, be it honey-do repairs, replacing kitchen cabinet hardware, hanging pictures, drywall repair, and other punch list home repairs. Our crew performs each of the tasks on your to-do list with precision. We’re committed to being extremely efficient! Every handyman from Eden Property Solutions understands the importance of your time and causes little to no disturbance while working. After your first experience with us, you would never have to Google terms like “honey-do handyman near me” ever again.

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